April 07, 2021

We Have A Creek

 We've been exploring our recently purchased "raw" land and discovered we have a creek and natural spring. I would love to add some Spring flowering plants along this creek.

February 17, 2021

Cold Snow Day In Texas


The temperature got down to 0 degrees and we were without electricity for 2 days. It's been intermittent power today. We do have water from the our well and have been using the generator to keep the pump from freezing.

February 16, 2021

Bird In The House During Snow Storm

A bird flew out of our fireplace while I had a fire going! It's amazing it wasn't burned. It flew around from skylight to skylight (we have 2) for about an hour before I was able to coax it into a box with some birdseed. I was able to release it outside. We've been experiencing power blackouts since yesterday so I decided to make a fire to keep warm. I haven't used the fireplace since 2012 and we had to use some cut up 2x4s we had in the garage as we had no wood stored. Little bird was a welcome distraction from the cold and I'm glad it was able to fly away. 

February 15, 2021

 BURRRRR - it's now 3 degrees and have been experiencing power blackouts since 5:20 am.

January 07, 2021

June 10, 2019

Polymerous Daylily and Cherry Tree

                    I thought this daylily looked a bit odd. It has 4 petals and 4 sepals.
             It usually has 3 of each. I'm not sure why this happens. It's called Polymerous.
         This plant has had several blooms this season and this is the only flower so far like this.

Decatur Apricot Daylily ( A polymerous) 
This is how it usually looks.
My son-in-law & daughter purchased 2 cherry trees for me as
a Christmas gift in 2012 - a Bing and a Stella. One died and one survived. It's
been a very slow grower as this is the first year
for blossoms. Beautiful blossoms and I did get
a few great tasting cherries!! Hopefully it will have more 
next year. I guess this is the Stella - self pollinating.

June 05, 2019

Suburbia Final Came

I've been on my little somewhat secluded 1/2 acre for 9 years with no neighbors on one side or behind us, just a wooded wildlife laden 6 acres with an unoccupied house. Now have new neighbors and wildness cleared out. It will take some getting used to. We attached lattice to the top of our fence to block the view. Some photos show before and after. Two large barns where built as well. I guess I was a bit spoiled. Oh well - knew someday it would change.

Barn just built where a vacant field was for the last 9 years.
See before photo below.
Before the barn photo.

This is the after photo

The second barn is behind our trees. So view is blocked
pretty good by our trees and lattice.

Before picture - the trees and shrubs hadn't come into bloom yet.  Dirt area is
where the 2nd barn was built.