September 29, 2011

Rethinking Living Fence

Well - I've lost nearly all the "living fence" shrubs due to the extreme drought here in Texas. I thought when I planted the Elaeagnus that they could survive without much rain. I guess high temperatures and no rainfall were more than they could take. I noticed around town that the large established ones are dead also. Now, what to replace them with - maybe privet? This blog was suppose to be about transformation - little did I know that the transformation was not forthcoming. But as a gardener there is hope. Maybe the transformation will be - but not this year. 

September 25, 2011

Hello From Coronado, CA

I am out in California visiting with my daughter. It is a paradise here.
 It is so nice to be away from
hot Texas. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Looking across the harbor towards San Diego.

There are quaint cottages all over the island.

Unusual trees all over the island.

Orange tree

Lime tree.

Living in Texas, I've never seen a daylily blooming in September.

Double flowering Hibiscus

Unknown flower

Bird of Paradise - This is growing all over the island.

Beautiful roses surrounding entrance to harbor. 

Flowers are growing out of this courtyard window.

Beautiful courtyard

Roses everywhere, and so beautiful.

Historic Hotel Del Coronado.

The beach

This looked like jewelry hanging off the tree.

Another beautiful hibiscus.

Tree looks like a snake to me.

I don't know what these are, but very striking.

Looks prehistoric

More beautiful roses.

Love this tall tree.

September 06, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

Yesterday we had COOL temperatures for a change. It has been like holding your breath all summer and now you can breath. Low has been in 60s and the high in middle 80s yesterday and today. I stayed outside ALL day yesterday and it was pure bliss. I have been moving things around and dividing the iris and daylilies. Moved shrubs and took some of the fountain grass I had growing in pots and put them in the ground. I also pulled up all the dead and dying zinnias and cut back the purple salvia - and NOW my little hummingbird friends and a few butterflies came this morning for their usual zinnia/salvia breakfast and found nothing - I felt so bad, but a new batch is sprouting, so in the meantime, I guess I'll have to furnish them with a hummingbird feeder.
This is the 6 inch high crepe myrtle that was mentioned in an early post.
It doesn't look like "Dynamite". Maybe it is this color
because it's a baby. I guess I'll wait until next year
and see. It's suppose to be a deep red.
Here are 5 Indian Hawthorne shrubs I moved to this
spot. They were not doing well in their previous
locations. I had 7 originally but lost 2 in the drought.
They are now planted in front of a tea rose and a
variegated privet. I also put a couple of
my divided daylilies behind them. I
guess you can call these the "before" pictures.

 I planted the potted fountain grass with 2
of the "Firehouse" dwarf nandina's in front of it, more daylilies,
and then the divided iris in front of the yellow Graham Thomas
English rose. I'll take more pictures later on
when all is established and filled in. I also moved the 

remaining 2 Crimson Pygmy Barberry
over to the shade garden. They are nearly dead. 
Hopefully I can revive them. Tomorrow
I want to get the bluebonnet seeds planted.

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