April 28, 2014

I Finally Let It Stay

When we first moved here, there was a
hybrid tea rose in the front flower
bed. It was a pale yellow color, but
to me this rose was not in
the right place and stuck out like a sore

 thumb, so I dug it up.
That was 4 seasons ago. Last
year I noticed a rosebush coming up and
figured it was a piece of the root stock of

the one I had removed.
  I thought it would be an ugly
 unruly rose, so I just kept cutting it back
to the ground. This year I decided
to let it stay.....and boy has it
 rewarded me!!!!

April 27, 2014

Sunday in the Garden

Silverado Iris planted in front
of the double pink Knockout roses.

Red Knockouts starting to open

Moonlit Water iris getting
prettier every year.

Unknown white, love it mixed in with other

Golden yellow iris, which I lost the name

Row of double pink Knockouts
have really opened up today.

Spin-off iris along with double pink Clementine Columbine.
I started this from seed
last year and it returned on
it's own this year.

April 25, 2014

Blooms Today

Every spring when the iris bloom, it's like seeing old friends...

Moonlit Water
Everyone should have a least one
iris tucked in the garden.

Large beautiful yellow - have lost the name
of this one.

Heirloom iris clump growing by the road is
quickly multiplying. 

The Texas Mission Almond tree is producing
fruit this year!

The living fence, Elaeagnus, is still coming along...
patience in the garden! 
BEFORE photo of the Elaeagnus shrubs

April 15, 2014

First One

The first iris to bloom - Footloose. The Elaeagnus leaves have all
turned a beautiful silver color.

April 10, 2014


Anticipation! I guess that is what Spring
is all about, anticipation, renewal, hope....
Soon this will be a mass of pink roses.
You can barely see the ugly chain link fence.

I guess we are having a "late" Spring. Usually the
heirloom variety of iris are in full bloom by now, but
not a one! This bed will soon be full of
iris, roses, daylilies, salvia,

 coneflowers (Echinacea), Speedwell (Veronica),
 and Tiger lily's....anticipation!

April 09, 2014

Opening Day

I'm ready to open one of my winter sowing milk jugs!

Beautiful! These are the Abe Lincoln heirloom tomatoes

These are some other tomatoes I bought
at our local family owned garden store. A couple are suppose 

to do well here in hot and humid Texas - Solar Fire and Tycoon.
They are "heat set" tomatoes. I'm trying the method of laying
them on their side until they start growing upward.
Then will plant. More photos to come of this
I just love these - Variegated Aguga - a perennial. This is a sloped flower bed and
the soil kept washing down the hill. So I planted
these along with Liriope to help with this problem. It's working!

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