June 27, 2011

Living In A Geodesic Dome

I moved the Crimson pygmy dwarf barberry that was in the
 front flower bed to the back yard.
 I decided I would rather have
Drift roses in that bed.

Today's bounty. The tomato on the right
 is the Black Krim.
I moved the Purple Oxalis from the front
flower bed, which gets mostly sun (I thought
putting it in the back of the flower bed under the
crepe myrtle tree would shade it) to the shade garden
in the back yard.

Miss Muffett Caladium with the Purple Oxalis behind it.

I moved Golden Prize daylily to the front yard. You
can also see how the living fence of Elaeagnus shrubs
is progressing. The two Natchez Crepe Myrtles
have not bloomed yet.

I have photos of the outside of the "dome", so I thought maybe
you might be curious as to the inside. This shot is of the upstairs
living area that has a massive skylight window in the
center of the ceiling.

It's somewhat of a challenge for hanging artwork
on the walls. Upstair the walls are
really domed so I solved this with
decorative easels.
Not all the walls are domed, so you do have some
flat wall spaces.

Looking up to the upstairs area from the main living area.

Downstairs living area with the massive fireplace.

Stone floor as you walk in the front door. Steps down
into main living area. Back of fireplace is on the left side
of picture.

Back of the fireplace. This is what you see
when coming in the front door.
Looking down from upstairs
toward the fireplace.
Skylight over the first floor living area.

Another shot of first floor skylight. 
Decorative woodwork over the window

Decorative woodwork over the windows.

June 26, 2011

Demise Of Compact Holly

This is a picture of Compact Holly Ilex crenata 'Compacta' that I took
in February. The bush on the right I dug up and put
in the back yard to try and nurse it back to life. It got a later start than the
one on the left.  See next photo.

This is a photo of it's demise. It still has some green on it, so
maybe it will come back with tender love and care.

Tiger Lily

I guess most people are bored by zinnias, but in 100 degree weather
these are the stars of my garden.

I like how they all have different forms.

I pinched the tops of the coleus and stuck them in potting soil to start some more. I had
previously done this - it took about 2 weeks for them to root. I want
to plant them in mass by the 'Firehouse' Nandina.

June 23, 2011

Savannah Debutante Daylily and Tomato Taste Test

Savannah Debutante daylily. This is a double daylily with 6" blooms
and a rebloomer. It's a little more peachy color than
than the photo shows.

Another shot of Fuchsia Dreams daylily

On the left  is Black Krim Heirloom tomato and on the right is
 Boxcar Willie Heirloom tomato.
In our opinion, we think Boxcar Willie wins the taste test over
Black Krim but Black Krim does have a good flavor.

 We've had a lot of trouble with
Black Krim - cracking and blossom end rot.
I've done some research on blossom end rot and found

 it can be caused by a calcium deficiency or  heat and 
erratic watering. The website recommended
 adding crushed egg shells or Tums when planting. We
also have Celebrity, Better Boy, Arkansas Traveler Heirloom and
Old German Heirloom. I'll do a taste test on them later.
The turtle came back yesterday and was banished again,
but this morning we found another eaten tomato.

 So I guess he/she is back.

June 21, 2011

Parade of Peacocks Daylily

Parade of Peacocks daylily. This one is a spider variety.

Newberry Festival daylily. This one is more of raspberry color. It usually
blooms until the 4th of July, but my kitty attacked it after I took the photo
and broke the whole stalk off which had numerous
unopened flower buds.

Bumblebee on the salvia.

Update - we've had a turtle in the backyard recently. I gave him/her some water
yesterday and it loved it - but this evening him/her was banished to
the front yard. We caught the turtle eating the tomatoes
that were just about ready to pick.  I hope it doesn't
find it's way back into the backyard. I may have
to banish him/her even further.

June 20, 2011

Real Wind Daylily

Real Wind daylily

Lilting Belle daylily. This is a spider daylily

Another view of the curls on it. The underside is yellow.

A canna my father-in-law gave to me. I really don't care for the
 flowers on a canna, but I like
how interesting some of the leaves can be. I hope to 

acquire more in the future
in a wide variety of leaf colors. I've seen some
that have green variegated  or red variegated leaves.

June 19, 2011


Zinnia's don't seem to be bothered by the extreme
heat and drought.
I went to my daughter's wedding and was gone for 3
days. I watered everything before I left and when I got home
one of the Compacta Holly's and  hydrangea looked pretty bad.
I watered immediately and hope they survive.

Crimson Shadow daylily

Fuchsia Dreams daylily

I just love the mass of white when it is so hot out. It has a
cooling effect on me.

Today's bounty of tomatoes and red onion.
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