May 30, 2014

Old Fashioned

You gotta have a few "old fashioned" flowers in
the garden. My sister gave me some Hollyhock
seeds last summer and this is my reward
today. I love this flower - but you do
need a lot of room for these. The pink flower up
against the purple leaves of the canna

 are a nice contrast.

Heirloom tomatoes are coming along, but a few
have the yellowing of the leaves - our humidity
is very high. Any suggestions?

Here is another rose "Double Delight" - a hybrid
tea rose that everyone should have  - VERY

 fragrant and the color
changes on a daily basis - from bicolor to a
pinky red and sometimes to almost white.

May 17, 2014

A Good Idea

A Good Idea -
On a recent trip to Austin to see
some family - my
brother gave me this strip of a paper towel.
He had taken the seeds from his heirloom
tomatoes last year and dried them on a paper towel
and then cut them into strips. He said to just
plant the strip - so I did --- see photo
below of the seedlings coming up. Loved
this idea.

Tomato seedlings coming up from the
paper towel strip. Keep you posted on
the progress

Tomato bed - tomatoes are coming along! Hope
to get some this year.

May 09, 2014

Lovely Yellow

Jamaican Dream iris along with Graham Thomas
David Austin Rose. I took this photo
after our lovely rain stopped. 

May 07, 2014

Abraham Darby Rose

Everyone should have this rose in their
garden - it is just the loveliest. It
scents the entire yard and is a beautiful
combination of pink and apricot color.

May 05, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Rose

Thought it would be fitting to photograph the Cinco De Mayo rose bush
on this 5th of May. It is such a beautiful
chocolate orange red color - my camera just
doesn't want to capture this magnificent color.

May 04, 2014

Hello Sunday Morning

Cherry Blossom Song has bloomed today.
I just love the contrasting orange beard!

Front iris is Gypsy Romance

View of the garden

Elainealope iris. I love the streak of dark
purple on this.

Rustic Royalty is also blooming

The bed I started on the tree is
coming along. Added some more

Another view of garden.

I've been on a very tight budget
concerning the garden, but now
am able to purchase a few new plants.
This is a newly planted hydrangea - the
one planted 3 years ago in another area
hasn't bloomed in 2 seasons. I
will be moving that one.

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