March 31, 2012


Sky Spirit iris
                                                                        Full Tide iris. I moved this
                                                                    last year to the shade garden.

Love this fuschia colored snapdragon.

Spin-off iris. I moved this last year in front
of Graham Thomas English rose. I thought
the color combination would look good, now
just if the rose opens in time before
the iris fade.

March 29, 2012

Heirloom Iris And Other Things Blooming In The Garden Today

I used to call these "wild iris" until my
sister informed me they are
Heirloom iris. 

I just love the iris buds just before they
open. It is almost like having two different

Clematis growing on tomato cage.
I'm hoping it will start climbing on the

Mr Lincoln rose.

March 28, 2012

A Few New Additions

Dwarf Asiatic Lily "Tiny Bell"

Veronica "Red Fox"

Loropetalum "Purple Diamond"
I thought these shrubs make a
nice contrast with the beige color of the

March 25, 2012

Footloose Iris Starting To Bloom

Footloose iris in foreground with Electrique in
the back.

I was hoping to get
my white iris planted with
Footloose. But since moving
to this new place I haven't
seen my white iris. I'm sure
I moved it here with us.
See the last picture of this post.

This is Footloose iris and the white iris together
at my old house. I was trying to
recreate this here.

March 20, 2012

The Surprise Iris

This is the iris in my last post. I wasn't sure which
one it was and that's because  I discovered it is one  I
purchased in the summer of 2010 and has never
bloomed before.
It's called "Electrique" 
View from top

View from side

March 18, 2012

Heuchera Coral Bells Amethyst Mist

My first Heuchera (Coral Bells) "Amethyst Mist"
since moving here.
 I didn't buy any last year
 because my garden beds were not
established.  I
previously had "Caramel" at my old house and just
loved it. I thought I would try purple this time.

First iris bud of the season.
I moved the iris all over they place last season
and I'm not sure which one this is.
I guess it will be a surprise.
White By The Gate camellia is in
Lupine that I started from seed in the
milk jugs. I just transplanted it to the shade
In the foreground are snapdragons that I
started from seed last spring and they came back
this spring. Also notice the "Dwarf Firehouse" nandina. They
never cease to amaze me with their


I put the White Lightin' rose in
the middle of  daylily bed.
Dwarf Firehouse Nandina

March 08, 2012

White Lightnin' Rose

A wonderful gift from my sister arrived on
my doorstep today. She said she used to have
one in her garden and never has been able to find
another one, until now - online. Thank you to my
sister. She said it is a beautiful white and has
an absolutely heavenly scent. I'm not
sure about the story of the demise of her
first White Lightnin' - but I think it might
have been the doings of her dog.

  It's a rainy, cold day, so I
can't get out to plant it, hopefully
It came as a bareroot rose. I soaked it
in a bucket of water with a capful of bleach, per
the instructions. Since
it has such a lovely fragrance, it might have
to go by the back patio.

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