January 27, 2011

Pampas Grass continued

 Today I worked some more on cutting down the large Pampas grass growing in the yard. I have some in each corner of the front yard. It appears that there are 4 well established plants. I actually got one of them dug out of the ground. I used my electric hedger to cut them down to the ground.  Make sure you wear leather gloves when working with Pampas grass, it's blades are like sharp knives.


Above photo is  where I plan on having a custom 
wrought iron gate and small fence, to the right, 
made to go along with the living fence

The Birds

My sister, that lives in another state, came for a visit. She shot these photos of the birds on my back patio. 


January 10, 2011


There will be no gardening today. We had a snowfall yesterday and it's still here. It's very pretty, but not good for folks who have to be out driving to work.

January 06, 2011

Cutting Down Pampas Grass

I'm going today to buy more "living fence" shrubs for the front of the property. I will be cutting down the Pampas grass planted by the previous owners. I like the look of it okay, but gets too large and I don't have enough space - yes I have two. The Pampas grass are surrounded by large rocks and, to me, look like snake dens.  I will post the before pictures today and the after photos later.

Before Photo Pampas grass

Before photo of where I am planting more Elaeagnus "living fence"

Before photo - moving large rocks to different area
 and cutting down the Pampas grass
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