March 17, 2013


My granddaughter went with me to the garden
center and this is what she picked out. I've never
really looked much at succulents - but this all looks quit nice
together. She did a good job of picking these out. Later she wants
to add some miniature cactus.
The plants are Flapjack Kalanchoe luciae and String of Buttons

 and the two on the bottom-
 we are not sure - they didn't

 come with labels, but after looking on the internet
I think Tricolor Stonecrop Sedum spurium 'Tricolor' 
and Blue carpet sedum. 

Update to last post - RV has been moved
out of the backyard!

I bought this shrub last spring (Loropetalum "Purple Diamond"). 
It survived the summer
and now it's in bloom. I love it.

Texas Mission Almond tree. My daughter and
son-in-law bought this tree for me at
Christmas time a year ago by mail-order. I didn't
even bother to photograph it last
year, as it looked like a small stick. It has
just bloomed and is looking more like a tree.

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