February 23, 2011

Early Morning With The Kitties

I have a stray kitty (the black & white one) that comes early
 in the morning wanting food.  I have been feeding her 
(I think it is a she, but not sure). The tabby is our American Bobtail. 
He eats before going out and then  just watches her eat.
 I also fill up the bird feeder. (also the squirrel gets his fill from this) 
I saw a couple of rabbits out in the field beyond our property watching me.


  1. Mother always told me the 'quince' was a japonica, guess she was wrong. I had one on 17th street

  2. Also your new kitty is pretty, looks like my old cat that disappeared a long long time ago. PS get Hayley to join my blog so I'll have more than one follower :-)


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