March 03, 2011

Nandina's and Future Roses (I Can't Wait)

I spent the last two days digging up grass and weeds, not a pretty sight, so I'll not show any photos of that. Beauty will follow in a few short months though. I planted 7 pink double Knockout roses in the back along  our chain link fence that faces a road and then started on the front along a chain link fence that faces an overgrown field (that's not ours, but wish it was) with 2 double red Knockouts and will follow with 2 more. I then planted 7 dwarf Nadina's (Firehouse) around a flowerbed in back which I started last fall when we first moved to the house. Currently it has yellow daffodils blooming. The bed also contains daylily's and  iris. I put a few stones in for a path edged in Liriope. Keep in mind there is still a lot of work to do on this bed.  Then I started the outline (more digging, weeding and pulling grass out) for the future rose garden that will have David Austin roses one of which will be the glorious Abraham Darby. This will be situated in front of the purple well house. So lots of work to do! Last weekend my husband started working on our future vegetable plot. We've never grown vegetables - so.......we will see.  I better get off this computer and get at it.

Dwarf 'Firehouse' Nandina (this photo and below photo)

David Austin Rose 'Abraham Darby' from my previous place (below photo)


  1. Starting to look good! Are you putting in camillias?

  2. I planted 5 of them along with 5 azaleas. I haven't photographed them yet.


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