June 10, 2012

Double Delight Rose, Zinnias And Daylilies

I liked the white zinnias some much in my garden
last year, I planted them again. I received a Double
Delight rose for Mother's Day and planted it in the middle of
the zinnias. The rose White Lightin', I'm sad to report,
has died. 

Double Delight rose has a very strong wonderful
scent and the color of it changes daily 

Portmeirion David Austin rose with Janice Brown
daylily in the background.

Dallas Star daylily

Lavender Deal daylily

Orange Vols daylily

Witch Hazel daylily

Parade of Peacocks. This one has 8" blooms

Abraham Darby David Austin rose growing in front of the canna.

Tiggress daylily

Lady Fingers daylily

Coneflowers growing with the roses.

Up close of the white zinnia

Janice Brown daylily in the shade garden.

Pink Drift Rose


  1. Well, now I have to run out and find white zinnias for the white, cream and pale yellow garden! Those are so fresh looking. Love the Abraham Darby rose and, of course, your daylilies are stunning as always. Thanks for the tour and the inspiration.

  2. Sandy - You are very welcome. I love to pass along new ideas - as I am always looking for new ideas as well. Good luck with your garden! I can never have enough of white when the temperatures are in high 90s and 100s!

  3. I forgot to say that whomever chose your Mother's Day rose did a good job. That Double Delight is a ... well, double delight!

  4. You have a beautiful selection of day lilies in your garden. Especially the pink one. I love them all. Maybe time for a new one next year. I'm sure I could find a spot.

  5. Lancashire rose - Thanks! Everyone should have a few daylilies - I try to buy them so they have a long bloom period - early to late varieties and rebloomers. Won't be long before I'll run out of room and have to start giving some away.

    Sandy - My daughter and son-in-law chose the rose.


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