June 21, 2012

Elainealope Iris Blooming In June

I knew Elainealope iris was a rebloomer, but here in North Central
Texas, I've never had one rebloom for me. I guess
the conditions were just right this year. I went
out this morning to look at the garden and this nice
little surprise was waiting for me.

Newberry Festival is such a gorgeous cranberry color and
has very large flowers. It is a late bloomer, which extends
the daylily bloom season.

This is Savannah Debutante, a double daylily, and also a late bloom
Here are some photos of other pairings for white
zinnia. This is the first year I've grown Bachelor Buttons.
I can see the beautiful blue color from my kitchen
window. I think it shows up because it is in front of the white zinnia.

You can't see in this photo, (it's not in bloom right now)
but on the right of the zinnias is the Double Delight rose
and on the left is the Red Knockout. 

A returning sunflower. I just love
the rust color on it.

We planted tomatoes again this year. This is by far the largest
one  to date that we have harvested, an heirloom, Boxcar Willie, which
we also grew last year. We decided not to try the
Black Krim again, it just seemed to have a lot of problems
with blossom end rot.


  1. I have an Amaryllis that's blooming now, posted, how strange is that? I love the cornflowers, I have two shades of pink, white and the blue....every type of tomato we try has issues!

  2. Darla - it must be a strange year for gardening. I have the pink and white flowers also - but they don't show up as well as the blue. What types of tomatoes have you tried? Seems tomatoes are pretty finicky.


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