January 30, 2012


Leeks (variety is Leek American Flag) have
sprouted in the milk jugs
that I am trying out using
the winter sowing method as
well as the seedlings below.

Spinach (variety is Spinach Teton Hybrid)

Lettuce (variety is Lettuce Salad Bowl)

Broccoli (variety is Broccoli De Cicco)

I also planted some bell pepper seeds
which I don't think are going to
sprout. It has been at least 20 days
since I planted them. I didn't have
any luck with them last
spring either. I finally went and
bought  plants. Anybody
have a helpful hint for starting
bell peppers?

1 comment:

  1. Cute, but hard to imagine what they will turn into even tho they are labeled, hope mine come up too!


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