May 04, 2014

Hello Sunday Morning

Cherry Blossom Song has bloomed today.
I just love the contrasting orange beard!

Front iris is Gypsy Romance

View of the garden

Elainealope iris. I love the streak of dark
purple on this.

Rustic Royalty is also blooming

The bed I started on the tree is
coming along. Added some more

Another view of garden.

I've been on a very tight budget
concerning the garden, but now
am able to purchase a few new plants.
This is a newly planted hydrangea - the
one planted 3 years ago in another area
hasn't bloomed in 2 seasons. I
will be moving that one.


  1. Just mouth-watering irises! Your whole garden is superb. To me, nothing more wonderful than irises and roses. What is that rose behind 'Cherry Blossom Song' in the 2nd photo?

    1. Thank you! The rose is Abraham Darby and English rose. It smells out at this world.


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