May 27, 2011

Morning Plum Daylily

Red Hot Poker looking a little more orange yesterday.

I am helping my daughter make a Teepee quilt. She has finished the first square - 11 more to go. This is all handstitched.  I'm proud of her and she is proud.

Close up

My grand-daughter is coming this afternoon. I am getting her garden plot ready for her so she can plant her seeds. I wish I could find a sign with her name on it to put here for her. Maybe I will try to make one.

Morning Plum daylily bloomed today. I would like to have, someday, a daylily farm. I actually did a cross-pollination of two different daylilies last summer and it set seed - but evidently I didn't know what to do with the seeds because they didn't sprout. I'm planning on trying again this year.

Another shot


  1. Good job Hayley on the quilt square, it's very pretty! Mary, I'll need a sample of ALL your flowers when I move :-)

  2. OK, I should be able to divide a lot of them by fall or next spring.


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