November 09, 2011

A Few Roses

This a bud on Abraham Darby David Austin English rose.
I bought it last spring as a 1 gallon rose from
Chamblee's Rose Nursery. Since we had such an
extraordinary hot and dry summer, it
struggled with maybe one rose per cycle. I
am happy to report that since it has been cool and we've
had some rain, it now has 3 at one time!

Another shot Abraham Darby's other 2.

The double Pink Knockout looked really
pretty today. This is the "cornerstone" of the living

Another shot of knockout.


  1. Doesn't Austin have some beautiful roses? Glad your Abe is doing well - we had a brutal summer! Your knockout rose should be very happy in its spot. I love the rocks beside it - great composition.

  2. How nice that your patience with Abraham Darby is at last being rewarded :-)

  3. HollyGarden - I do love the Austins. I hope to add more next season. Hope next summer is not as bad as this one was.
    Patricia - So true.


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