June 24, 2015

Daylily Time

These two daylily plants are getting really large.
These are Orange Vols and Red

Orange Vols

I purchased new
daylilies this year - this one is Final Touch

Another new one - Little Grapette

Lady Fingers
This one looks good planted with
a green backdrop

Janice Brown - she
has struggled, but glad
to see her bloom

Dallas Star
I moved a lot of my pink varieties
this spring because I had
them in an area that was too
shady. Once established they
will have more blooms 

The Coneflowers have
really multiplied! You
can barely see the dayliles
planted among them

Another view of
 Little Grapette

Apricot Drift rose

Another new addition -
Strawberry Candy daylily.
It looks stunning by
the Apricot Drift rose.

Another new one - Night Beacon

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