July 02, 2011


We think this is a tomato hornworm. I went out this morning and was
inspecting the cherry tomato plants that are
growing in pots next to my chair on the patio.
I didn't have my "reading" glasses on and I
thought this was a curled leaf. As I reached
to pick it off I realized it
wasn't a leaf.

Catnip with William Shakespeare 2000 English rose.
My cats are not interested in it.
We have had 100 degree temps the whole
month of June and no rain since the middle of May.

I love the bicolor zinnia.

This is the Lemonade Mix sunflower. See the seed packet
below. I haven't gotten any of the lighter shade ones.
The okra is coming along. It's not bothered by the heat.

I like the shape of the okra leaf. This is Clemson Spineless.

The cantaloupe are intermingling with the okra.
I'm not sure which one this is - I planted
two varieties. Hale's Best Jumbo and Charentais

I like the little tendril in this photo.

Photos of the seed packets.

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