June 19, 2011


Zinnia's don't seem to be bothered by the extreme
heat and drought.
I went to my daughter's wedding and was gone for 3
days. I watered everything before I left and when I got home
one of the Compacta Holly's and  hydrangea looked pretty bad.
I watered immediately and hope they survive.

Crimson Shadow daylily

Fuchsia Dreams daylily

I just love the mass of white when it is so hot out. It has a
cooling effect on me.

Today's bounty of tomatoes and red onion.


  1. Oh, my goodness. What a bountiful harvest you're already reaping. And that's saying nothing of the zinnias and daylilies, which are gorgeous.

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comments!

  3. Those tomatoes look so delicious and you grow red onions too! Wonderful produce. And yes, those zinnias will even stand triple digit temperatures in Texas.


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