August 25, 2012

It Has Been A While

                                                I have been absent from the blog world
                                               for a while. First, I have a 
                                               new grandson, whom I went to see in
                                               beautiful California and second - the
                                               triple digit heat returned to Texas and I
                                               just threw the towel in, so to speak, on
                                              gardening and took up quilting inside by
                                              the air conditioner. I just let nature have
                                              it's way with the garden. Cooler temperatures arrived,
                                              so I ventured out and took a few token photos.
I have daylily buds!
 When purchasing daylily's online, I have always ordered
rebloomers.  When I lived
at my previous house in another town, the soil
was mostly clay and the daylily's would produce
once and then just hang on the rest of the year. Our
soil here is sandy loam - the daylily's seem to love it.

Our tree must be stressed. It has been raining leaves.
The plan for today is to cut back all
the roses and give them some food and
hopefully by the time fall arrives I will  have a yard full
of sweet scents and beautiful
color once again.

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