August 20, 2011

An August Day In The Garden

The coleus that I potted from pinched tops are
coming along nicely. I will
eventually put these by my front door.
Bloom on "William Shakespeare 2000" David Austin English rose.
It's growing right in the middle of the
zinnia patch.
Purple Fountain grass. I just love
when sun shines through
it in the mornings. Comes across
as golden shimmery lights.
I moved the decorative
bird house over here. The birds

have been eating on the sunflowers.
If you look closely, in the middle of the photo
is a tiny crepe myrtle growing. I took an offshoot
of the mother plant last fall from my old
house and kept it in the garage all winter.
 It was about an inch
high. I planted it in the cantaloupe patch
because I didn't know yet where I wanted to
put it permanently and I didn't want the mower to
get it. It is now 6 inches tall and has flower buds on it.
This variety is "Dynamite", a brilliant red.
Another shot of "Dynamite" 
Small purple flower on the liriope.
Here are some snapdragons I grew from seed.
I'm hoping they will bloom in the fall.
This morning's little harvest. The melon on the right
is "Charentais". This is the first one I have
been able to bring in the house to eat. I've thrown about 6 out to
the rabbits. The bugs have been getting
them just as soon as they are ripe, but not this one.
I got two little tiny bell peppers - hey it's hot here. I
guess you could call them "bite-size".  I
will mix this okra with yesterdays harvest and cook up
some fried okra tonight.


  1. You are not doing too bad with the garden, despite the drought we are both living through

  2. They say okra loves the heat - I guess they are right. Next year I will plant more of it. I made fried okra tonight. It was very good!

  3. You grew snap dragons from seeds. I'm impressed!

  4. Personally, I'd rather have a beautiful small crepe myrtle full of potential rather than just one more melon. Glad to have discovered your blog. More melons to you,

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The little crepe myrtle has bloomed and I will be moving it out of the melon patch soon. Hope to have more pictures later.


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