April 25, 2014

Blooms Today

Every spring when the iris bloom, it's like seeing old friends...

Moonlit Water
Everyone should have a least one
iris tucked in the garden.

Large beautiful yellow - have lost the name
of this one.

Heirloom iris clump growing by the road is
quickly multiplying. 

The Texas Mission Almond tree is producing
fruit this year!

The living fence, Elaeagnus, is still coming along...
patience in the garden! 
BEFORE photo of the Elaeagnus shrubs


  1. You have a wonderful selection of iris. I can't decide on a favorite but the deep purple maybe or is it the heirloom clump by the road. It looks as though you have more than ½ acre.

    1. Thanks Rock Rose - It is hard to have a favorite when there are so many beautiful ones to choose from.


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