June 08, 2011

A Walk In The Garden

Portmeirion David Austin rose. I just can't
seem to get a good shot of this rose. I will
keep trying.

Lambs ear with Alyssum (I should have brushed the dirt off the
leaves before photographing)

Red Volunteer daylily and Old Fashioned Maiden daylily

Big Blush sunflower

Portmeirion David Austin rose with salvia

White zinnia planted in a zinnia bed of
red/white striped ones, red ones and white ones.
Hopefully, soon, they will all bloom together.

Russian Rhapsody daylily

Potted plant I put together for my daughter-in-law back in April. 
She took this photo recently. This has some of
Purple Oxalis and Miss Muffett caladium


  1. Beautiful pot. And those daylilies are simply stunning. Thanks for all the photos.

  2. Very striking day lilies, you will definately need to mentor my garden :-)


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