April 09, 2014

Opening Day

I'm ready to open one of my winter sowing milk jugs!

Beautiful! These are the Abe Lincoln heirloom tomatoes

These are some other tomatoes I bought
at our local family owned garden store. A couple are suppose 

to do well here in hot and humid Texas - Solar Fire and Tycoon.
They are "heat set" tomatoes. I'm trying the method of laying
them on their side until they start growing upward.
Then will plant. More photos to come of this
I just love these - Variegated Aguga - a perennial. This is a sloped flower bed and
the soil kept washing down the hill. So I planted
these along with Liriope to help with this problem. It's working!


  1. Good idea on the milk jug. I haven't seen those heat set tomatoes in our nurseries. I wish they would carry more of the ones appropriate for our climate. Your ajuga flowers are stunning.

    1. This is the first year I have seen them, maybe they will show up in your nurseries soon.


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