July 25, 2011

July 25th In Texas - Beauty Can Still Be Found

Sunflower - I think it needs some water.

Graham Thomas David Austin rose. This has
to be, to me, the most beautiful
color of yellow I've ever seen.

Red Knockout rose

This zinnia is huge in size and is such a beautiful
color of pink. It measures 5" across.

Cantaloupe is still progressing. (Hale's Best Jumbo)

This is not a gardening photo, of course, but this
is what I'm working on until this unrelenting heat
subsides. I started this quilt in 1983
when my children were little, so I didn't
get to work on it much at that time. The 100+ temps
 send me into house
by 9:30 a.m.

Close up of hand stitching.


  1. The Graham Thomas rose is stunning. Another yellow I like quite a bit from David Austin is Welsh Gold. It's a hard choice between the two.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I looked this one up - it does look beautiful.

  3. All very pretty! And I like your positive attitude. Your quilt is beautiful and will be a wonderful heirloom.

  4. HollyGarden-Thanks for your compliment. I saw on your blog about the demise of the garden while away - I'm scared to go anywhere - it's like you can't go one day without watering and even then it just keeps the plants barely hanging on. I'm trying to remain optimistic, maybe August will be better. Good luck with yours and hang in there.

  5. Graham certainly is a beauty and so is your quilt. I can think of nothing better to do on a hot summer's day.

  6. Hi there and thanks for paying me a visit. I honesty don't remember where I got Gypsy Romance... I do order from Schreiner. Last year the Iris borers did a job on my irises. I lost a lot of them.--Randy

  7. I lost a lot to those little pests also - last season. So far so good this season.

  8. Lancashire Rose - Thanks. I had to snap the rose photos early in the morning because the petals are baked by the end of the day.


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