July 12, 2011

Hosta Past And Present

This is a photo of my past garden with hosta, azalea and liriope. I built
the little stone bench out of leftovers from the stone
patio we built in the backyard.
The hosta here are from left to right -
Climax Plaintain Lily (the leaves  on this one get really large),
Moon River Plantain Lily and the Krossa Regal.

Past garden with my then
six-year-old granddaughter posing for me. 
  On her right are Coral Bells. The
 golden one is Caramel (Heuchera Villosa).
It's one that tolerates heat and humidity. I don't remember
 the name of the purple one.
I didn't buy
any this year.  I want
to have the perfect spot for them, which I
haven't decided on where that will be.

The one in the front is Color Glory and behind it is Patriot Plantain Lily.
"Hostas" by Rosemary Barrett is my hosta
go-to book.

This is the stone patio my hubby and I made. We want to do another
one for our new yard. 

Notice the flowers on the coral bell. 

This picture was taken in the early spring time - so
no hostas had come up yet.
Present photo of my yard. The poor little hosta on the left was
just getting established under the tree - but something is
eating the leaves - whatever it is - it's not eating the one
on the right. Eventually I hope to have more hosta and
St Augustine grass growing up the edge of the river
rocks. I would like to build another stone bench to put
under this tree.

I can't believe it - with all the heat and no rain - I have
a bud on the Encore Azalea bush. They are suppose to
bloom spring, mid-summer and fall.

Another shot of the interior of Geodesic Dome. Zinnias
make nice cut flowers.


  1. Well, you've sold me on the caramel huechera! Such an unusual color. Your granddaughter looks like such a sweet young lady! I can't believe your azalea bush has a bloom on it! Mine are so lazy! :) Love that stone patio, the pretty room, and the variegated liriope!

  2. HolleyGarden - If they (huechera) are planted with care they will reward you spring, summer and fall. The one I have pictured got about twice the size in the picture before I moved. The color had different hues depending on the season. I can't believe the azalea either. The ones I had before just had one bloom cycle. The liriope in the photo is 'Silvery Sunproof'

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I can't wait for a road trip so I can see these in person. The bedroom shot is absolutely lovely, a page right out of Victoria. You've captured the essence of it. Love the stone patio too! Hugs...Lisa

  4. Thanks Lisa. I guess all those years of looking at Victoria magazines has rubbed off and is permanently stored in my brain.

  5. I love all of it, come soon and help me fix this dismal acreage


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