March 08, 2012

White Lightnin' Rose

A wonderful gift from my sister arrived on
my doorstep today. She said she used to have
one in her garden and never has been able to find
another one, until now - online. Thank you to my
sister. She said it is a beautiful white and has
an absolutely heavenly scent. I'm not
sure about the story of the demise of her
first White Lightnin' - but I think it might
have been the doings of her dog.

  It's a rainy, cold day, so I
can't get out to plant it, hopefully
It came as a bareroot rose. I soaked it
in a bucket of water with a capful of bleach, per
the instructions. Since
it has such a lovely fragrance, it might have
to go by the back patio.

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet gift! I hope it blooms profusely for you. You'll think of your sister every time you see it.


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