July 07, 2011

Wow, It's Hot Out Here!

It was 104 degrees here yesterday. I
spend my days watering, trying to keep everything
alive. Also spending more and more
time inside with the cool air and reading books and
dreaming of cooler temps.

Big Blush sunflower

Lemonade Mix sunflower

I'm trying out the coleus next to the
Firehouse dwarf nandina to see what color
works best here. These are
the ones I started about a week ago
from pinched tops of other coleus. I can't
believe the coleus is not affected by this heat.

My adopted kitty agreed to pose for me with
his new red ball. The grass in some places has died.


  1. Now I feel better. Only reached 97. something here):- Too hot for even the bunnies to come out- my niece accused us of having photoshopped them in.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Like your blog and I know how you feel about the heat. It's awful here in Ohio also. Stay cool! :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Love your Sunflowers! I've never been able to grow them.

  4. Sunflowers are so sunny. Thank goodness we don't have fur.

  5. Love the different colored sunflowers. Very pretty!


  6. Your sunflowers are a nice change from the more standard yellow ones (although I like them too!) I hope you get some cooler weather soon. 104 degrees! That's hot. Kitty does not seem to mind or so his relaxed pose would seem to suggest. Have a great weekend.
    p.s. Love the zinnas too!

  7. wow I thought it was hot here!
    love the Big Blush sunflower, I have not seen that one!


  8. Thanks for coming by my blog, so I could discover yours. I've really enjoyed looking at your garden - so colorful and cheerful. Love your zinnias, sunflowers, and your dome home! I'm in Texas, too - I agree it will be nice to see some cooler weather, whenever that will be! And some rain, too!


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