April 21, 2013

Living Fence Coming Along and Iris

The living fence is slowly coming along.
I can't decide whether to shape into a
box hedge or leave them bushy.

Before photo

Spin-off, an Heirloom, and Footloose iris

I thought I had killed this beauty - Moonlit Water.
She is alive and well.

These iris are in the rose bed.


  1. Wonderful idea to make a living hedge but I think you may have a little time to decide how to prune! Is this evergreen? I love your iris colors. I think I need to invest in some real beauties like yours.

  2. Mine are evergreen. In the spring they get this wonderful silvery color and they have lovely fruit that the Cedar Waxwings love! There really is a wonderful variety of iris nowadays - not your grandmothers iris - so to speak!


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