May 01, 2013

First Few Strawberries and More Iris

The strawberries are really looking good this year. Lettuce
from last year went to seed and has come up all
over the strawberry patch and they love each other!

Decandence tall bearded iris. I brought
this from my old house in 2010 and
this is the first time it has bloomed!

Electrique iris


  1. Hello Cottage Dome, just wanted to say that Iris is captivating. Love the colour purple. Don't think this plant will thrive here in our hot climate. As for strawberry, they will grow well at the highlands here. Thanks for posting these pretty plants. Have a great weekend! Cheers, Stephanie

  2. Thanks for the name of 'Decadence'. I had lost the tag on mine. Irises do better for me with some afternoon shade relief when our triple-digit summers hit. I always love seeing your beautiful irises and roses!


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