August 08, 2011

Are We Farmers Yet?

Two more cantaloupe this morning. These are
the Hale's Best Jumbo.
I also planted some Charentais Melon but the
first one that was ready had these little brown hard
shelled bugs on it and they ate right into it along with
ants. So, I am waiting on another one
to ripen. 
Okra in the cantaloupe/watermelon patch.
Okra - Clemson Spineless. It is real smooth
to the touch. We had a batch of 4 okra last
week. I made a pot of soup with it. Hopefully
this time I'll get more than that at one time.
Getting my fall pots ready - the coleus looks
pretty good despite the heat. I pinched
more tops to start this pot.
Happy Birthday to my sister today!


  1. Looks like you are on the road to becoming a farmer :-), I need you to come soon, it is depressing out here in this sea of dried up dead grass

  2. I remember this day! Thank you for posting it :D and for the wonderful birthday wishes!!


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