June 21, 2014

Today's Garden Views

As I was photographing I could see grasshoppers coming at me
left and right! I'm being invaded! This

beautiful daylily is Orange Vols.

The red daylily is Red Volunteer

Princeton Point Lace

Star Struck

Solar Fire Tomato

Sadly, most of the tomato plants in this bed have
a virus and this is probably the only
crop I will get. I do have
several plants planted among some of the flowers
and in another bed and they
seem to be doing okay, so far!
Russian Rhapsody

Navajo Princess


  1. Love your lilies...aren't they fun to grow? I had them when I lived in the far north, but now have only one. Do you have any in pots? I am wondering how they will stand the Texas weather.

    1. Thank you! I love growing daylilies. I've never tried them in pots - I don't do well with pots - they seem to like the Texas weather.


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