May 08, 2012

Russian Rhapsody Daylily

Russian Rhapsody daylily bloomed today. It is
very early compared to it's bloom time
last year which was in the middle of June.
 Navajo Princess daylily is in the background
along with continuous blooming Evolution Salvia.

Winter Sowing update - this is some of the lettuce that was
started in January - Little Gem and Salad Bowl. 

Winter sown beets are coming along as well
as green beans.

My hydrangea was blue last year. So I
guess I will try adding some aluminum sulfate
to the soil. The pink is very
pretty though.

I usually get hosta flowers in June, so I guess everything
is a little early this year.  I transplanted this one
to this spot last summer along with the ferns and purple
oxalis and ajuga.

My new grand-kittie is trying to get the
baby birds out of the round bird house.  

I see you "Buddy" trying to sneak a baby bird.


  1. What a delicious color that day lily is. It would look wonderful alongside echinacea. Hope your kitty isn't around when the birds fledge.

  2. Lancashire rose - Thanks. It's color has really been striking because of the earlier bloom time - seems when it is really hot the color is no so vivid. I like your idea of planting echinacea next to it. I think the birds have fledged - found one on the ground.


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