June 14, 2016

Daylilies In The Garden

Moonlit Masquerade
Navajo Princess

Old Fashioned Maiden

Barbara Mitchell

Warrior Prince

Beautiful Edgings

Night Beacon

Decatur Apricot

April 20, 2016

Living Fence Update

The living fence is really filled out now. I've still not trimmed them.

Living fence

Roses all blooming despite the Rose Rosetta

Living fence blocking the view of road

Pick Knockouts all in bloom

Spanish lavender is so beautiful this year.

April 03, 2016

It Has Been A While

Beautiful white snapdragons mixed in with pink azaleas.

                                    The snapdragons came back from the ones I planted last year.

Double Bridal Wreath Spirea bush

                               This is a photo of one of my 30 roses. They are ALL infected with
                              Rose Rosette disease.
To learn more about this go to


June 24, 2015

Daylily Time

These two daylily plants are getting really large.
These are Orange Vols and Red

Orange Vols

I purchased new
daylilies this year - this one is Final Touch

Another new one - Little Grapette

Lady Fingers
This one looks good planted with
a green backdrop

Janice Brown - she
has struggled, but glad
to see her bloom

Dallas Star
I moved a lot of my pink varieties
this spring because I had
them in an area that was too
shady. Once established they
will have more blooms 

The Coneflowers have
really multiplied! You
can barely see the dayliles
planted among them

Another view of
 Little Grapette

Apricot Drift rose

Another new addition -
Strawberry Candy daylily.
It looks stunning by
the Apricot Drift rose.

Another new one - Night Beacon

May 30, 2015

A Few Bright Spots Despite The Flooding Rains

I was able to get out yesterday during
a break in the continual rains we've had
here in Texas. Most everything is washed out
but I did manage to find a little color in the garden.
I am thankful that all the ponds and lakes are
full again - a blessing...Our local dam, Denison Dam, has
gone over the spillway, 4th
time in it's history. It was in 1957, 1990, 2007 and
now 2015. When it was built in the 1940s
they said that this would only occur
 once every 100 years.

Apricot Bliss rose.

Unknown lily, but so bright!

Daylily, Russian Rapsody

I have moss! This is my front patio and the
cracks are usually filled with dirt and sand. When
the heat returns, I'll be sad to see this go.

Daylily, Warrior Prince

April 30, 2015

So Much Rain

I'm not one to complain about rain here in
Texas - but it (flooding rains) came at a time when all the
roses and iris had just bloomed. Most were waterlogged and

not very pretty to photograph.
Red Knockouts in the front have gotten
large and are starting to hide the chain link fence.

Spanish Lavender

Red David Austin rose with beautiful iris.
Abraham Darby David Austin english rose before
the rains

The fragrance is out of this world!

Wisteria growing on the fence. 
I'm trying to cover up the chain link fence!

April 15, 2015

April Day

The ajuga is beautiful this year

Ajuga mixed in with caladium Miss Muffet and Purple Oxalis

Garden "buddy" 

Before photo 

Before photo

After photos

The iris are really sparse this year.
Can't figure out why I have so few.
First time this has happened. Usually in
April they are just loaded with buds.

The new spanish lavender I planted several
weeks ago

Coreopsis with a large clump of
herb Rosemary in the background

The Delphinium is just

A Tiger Swallowtail enjoying it.
Iris "Footloose" with caladiums and

Entrance to the garden - this is usually full
of iris blooms

My garden buddy Tigger passed away
this past January. He was 13. Miss you

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