March 14, 2011


I was going to add a few more "Before" photos, but they look so bad I thought I better wait until I have some of the "After" photos to go with them. My hubby and I drove today 130 miles (each way) to Chamblee's Rose Nursery in Tyler, Tx to buy David Austin roses. Nobody in our area had the ones I wanted. I purchased 2 Abraham Darby's, William Shakespeare 2000, another Graham Thomas ( I need two, one for each end of the clothesline) and Portmeirion. I can't wait for their wonderful aroma to fill my backyard. I have not completed the garden areas yet, still more grass and weed pulling.
So, to recap - when we purchased the property there were two Sweet Gum trees, one Maple, two Crepe Myrtles (one of which I removed because it was planted in the shade and too close to the house) and two Pampass Grass plants (which I removed). The following is a list of what has been added.
35 Elaeagnus
2 Natchez Crepe Myrtles
4 Double Red Knockout Roses
7 Double Pink Knockout Roses
2 Clematis
3 Crimson Pygmy Barberry
1 Queen Elizabeth Rose
2 Graham Thomas (David Austin English Rose)
2 Abraham Darby """""
1 William Shakespeare 2000 """""
1 Portmeirion """"""""
3 Lynwood Gold Forsythia
1 Flowering Quince Japonica
8 Camellia
1 Varigated Privet
5 Azalea
5 Dwarf Nadina "Firehouse"
4 Indian Hawthorne "Snow"

The other half of my backyard will have to wait until next year due to the expense of landscaping. I still want to try to add some Hostas and Hydrangeas when they become available. Also I brought my daylilies and iris with from my previous house and planted them last fall. I am eagerly awaiting for their lovely blooms. (plus I don't know what is what - I didn't tag anything- moving - what a pain that is). I also ordered a few more daylilies and they just arrived the other day. I bought a lot of perennial flower seeds. I have lots of work ahead.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of plants, I've never been to Tyler, how was it. Nebraska sis mentioned coming this month some time, can we stay with you?


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