April 18, 2011

Superstition Iris

Superstition iris

Superstition bud. I like how this looks almost
 black in the bud stage.

Rustic Royalty iris growing behind
 the Superstition iris

 This iris bed will eventually be no more. I still have to put in
 the "bones " (shrubs and trees) around the fence in the back. This
 will probably be done in the fall when the shrubs
 are on sale. Then
 I will move all the iris to be color-coordinated with shrubs,
 flowers and roses. I don't like iris just standing in a big bunch.
 At the bottom of clothes line poles are the Graham Thomas
 English roses. They will eventually climb up.

Another recommended book - it's actually a book for grade level 5th-8th 
but it is very inspiring and worth a look. You might be able to
 check one out at your local library. 
 "Seedfolks" by Paul Fleischman


  1. I'm really taken with Dusky Challenger and Full Tide, as well. What beautiful flowers.

  2. It really is a gorgeous iris. Do iris' do well where you are?

  3. I really like both these iris, we need to swap with each other!


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