September 25, 2011

Hello From Coronado, CA

I am out in California visiting with my daughter. It is a paradise here.
 It is so nice to be away from
hot Texas. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Looking across the harbor towards San Diego.

There are quaint cottages all over the island.

Unusual trees all over the island.

Orange tree

Lime tree.

Living in Texas, I've never seen a daylily blooming in September.

Double flowering Hibiscus

Unknown flower

Bird of Paradise - This is growing all over the island.

Beautiful roses surrounding entrance to harbor. 

Flowers are growing out of this courtyard window.

Beautiful courtyard

Roses everywhere, and so beautiful.

Historic Hotel Del Coronado.

The beach

This looked like jewelry hanging off the tree.

Another beautiful hibiscus.

Tree looks like a snake to me.

I don't know what these are, but very striking.

Looks prehistoric

More beautiful roses.

Love this tall tree.


  1. Love the Bird of Paradise. What a variety of plants!

  2. Those are some great photos! Reminds us of how beautiful this place actually is. Seems like we take it for granted after a while.

  3. I'm glad enjoyed the photos. We enjoyed our stay very much. Try to enjoy the paradise while you can - it is easy to take it for granted when you see it everyday.


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