October 22, 2011

This And That

Red rose that came with the house. It smells wonderful!!
It's about 6 ft high. I think it might be a Mr Lincoln.

Bell peppers are loving this cooler weather.

Blue Bedder Salvia that I started in spring from
Mystic Spires Salvia. Bumblebees won't let me
get near to take a cutting. 

Queen Elizabeth

Hosta is looking good. I've moved it three
times and found it likes being under
this tree and I discovered - don't plant them
too deeply.

I cut down all the old and dying zinnias in
late August. This is the second wave from seed left
on the ground.

Believe it or not - there is a rose growing under this jar
from a cutting.

Encore Azalea - Autumn Moonlight

Encore Azalea - Autumn Sangria. I'm really
happy with these azaleas. I was
skeptical about them blooming 3
times during the year here in Texas -
they lived up to the claim.
Double Red Knockout
Another shot of the unknown rose (it might be
a Mr Lincoln)

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your garden in person, it is beautiful


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