October 08, 2011

Little Bit Of Fall Color At The Cottage Dome

I'm determined to have a wonderful garden despite
the many setbacks of this season, one of which I
haven't mentioned before is MOLES. I have two
cats that have managed to catch only one. I don't really
want to put out poison, so I just watch daily has
they shred the grass and garden. 

The okra is starting to wind down. Still harvesting a few.

Okra flower

I thought this Dianthus had died - guess not- looks pretty now.


I know cantaloupe is getting bad press right now - but I thought
this was neat how it is growing up the fence - it grew from seed
out of the compost pile. I will probably feed it
to the rabbit on the other side of the fence.

Abraham Darby has survived the extreme heat and drought.

This photo doesn't do justice to this canna. It
looks really beautiful today. I started this from a piece
given to me by my father-in-law early in the year.

I'm extending flower garden - part of  this is
a newly dug area. I also took a couple of dying

Elaeagnus shrubs from the front yard and
transplanted them here. See the twiggy shrub in
background on the right?

I put the potted Fireworks purple fountain grass in the ground. I
also transplanted a few of the Firehouse nandina here also.

I've been dividing iris and daylilies also.

The Graham Thomas rose has survived the drought and heat. It
has almost doubled in size.

Firehouse Nandina


  1. Your roses look fabulous! And your new area is going to be so colorful and interesting. Love all the different plantings you have there.

  2. Thanks HolleyGarden for all your encouraging words!


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