November 18, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Rose

My hubby gave this to me today as
an early Christmas present. This is
Cinco De Mayo. It's a floribunda
that is a chocolate or rust red with a hint
of lavender and is suppose to smell
really good. I planted it over by
the yellow Graham Thomas English rose.

The front yard got pretty neglected during our extreme
drought, so now that it has been cooler, I've been
in the mood to try and make a flower bed
around the rocks that previously
had pampas grass growing around them. I
started with this large clump of
Mystic Spires salvia. The
heat didn't bother this plant.

I transplanted a few of the zinnia's that
were a pretty pinkish red and also purple. I'm
hoping that they will go to seed
and come back next summer the same color.

In this bed I also transplanted
some lambs ear, coneflowers, alyssum, 

Frankly Scarlet daylily,
 which is a maroon red and 3 different iris.
There is a shady spot
along the underside

 of the rock, here
I transplanted some pink flowered

 wood sorrel/oxalis.

I just transplanted, so everything
looks a little wilted.

I transplanted another kind of salvia (Blue Bedder)  in front of this red knockout.

This is the crepe myrtle that I
tried to cut down last spring, but
it came back with a vengeance and looked beautiful
this past summer. Now it
has gorgeous reddish golden leaves.

Zinnia patch that came back from seed from the
summer ones.

I transplanted this rose at the
beginning of summer. It struggled
along and now has it's first bloom. It

is one that was here when we bought the
house and I didn't like where the previous
owner had it planted. I think it might be
a John F Kennedy rose.
A sunflower that has come back from seed.

Newly planted shrub bought for me by my sister
as a gift. It's a dwarf holly. I love the berries on it.
Quilt I'm making for my granddaughter. Lots
of flower fabric. I call it my
flower garden bow-tie quilt.


  1. I saw a Mystic Spires salvia at one of the big box stores. I love the dark grape color of the blooms. Upon closer inspection, however, all of theirs had powdery mildew on the leaves, so I left without one. Very disappointing. I'll have to look elsewhere. Yours looks quite healthy.

    Your granddaughter is lucky to have a labor of love from you.

  2. Love your zinnias! So colorful! And your rock garden is going to look fabulous next summer when things perk up and fill out. What a sweet Christmas present! You are going to love this rose! I have one, and it is always in bloom, very full and bushy, and I never have any problems with mine. Your husband did good! Pretty quilt. Your granddaughter will cherish it.

  3. Sandy - so sorry to hear about your encounter with mildew. I've never seen mildew on salvia here in North Texas. I'm not sure what area you're from - but hope you have better luck finding some that is healthy. It was really beautiful all summer long despite the heat and no rainfall.


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