March 18, 2012

Heuchera Coral Bells Amethyst Mist

My first Heuchera (Coral Bells) "Amethyst Mist"
since moving here.
 I didn't buy any last year
 because my garden beds were not
established.  I
previously had "Caramel" at my old house and just
loved it. I thought I would try purple this time.

First iris bud of the season.
I moved the iris all over they place last season
and I'm not sure which one this is.
I guess it will be a surprise.
White By The Gate camellia is in
Lupine that I started from seed in the
milk jugs. I just transplanted it to the shade
In the foreground are snapdragons that I
started from seed last spring and they came back
this spring. Also notice the "Dwarf Firehouse" nandina. They
never cease to amaze me with their


I put the White Lightin' rose in
the middle of  daylily bed.
Dwarf Firehouse Nandina


  1. your place is looking awesome, your camillia looks like my gardenia, I'm growing it inside as the weather here doesn't like them, my coral bells are up they were alive all winter but I'm guessing dormant, they are the same color as yours, also my bleeding heart is blooming

  2. Does it bloom inside? Coral bells usually overwinter in our area and start looking pretty again in the spring. I've never tried bleeding hearts.


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