January 22, 2014

First Post Of 2014

I have been absent from my blog for quite some time! I'm determined to get back to my gardening for 2014. I'm posting some pictures of what I've been up too for the past year and no, they are not gardening photos.
 I opened my own quilt shop on Etsy.com  (www.cottagedome.etsy.com) and have been busy trying to get it up and running. My poor garden wonders where I've been as well. Most of my quilts on Etsy have a garden theme and are inspired by garden colors.
 I plan to start the new gardening year by getting all the grass and debris out the beds, cut the roses back (on Feb 14), check on the compost pile (I've been using the cold compost method), get the vegetable plot ready - .......I just learned a new trick for getting better tomatoes -- when planting the tomato plant, first let the tomato lay on it's side for a day or two until the tip of the plant starts to grow upward, then plant the tomato with the stem laying sideways in a little trench, then cover with soil. It is supposed to help establish a stronger root system. My tomato harvest last year was next to nothing. One thing I did different was NOT use Heirloom tomatoes. I will be starting my Heirlooms in my milk jugs again. Also will be wrapping clear plastic around tomato cages, so that I can an earlier start on getting them in the ground - this is so that if the temps get low - they will stay nice and warm. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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