February 23, 2014

Winter Sowing and Some Garden Cleaning

Winter Sowing - Rinse out a milk jug with soapy water. Cut a all the way around
to handle and leave a hinge for opening and closing.

Label your "greenhouse jug" and date it. I
chose this seed starting mix - your preference

Seed packet.

Add some of the seed mixture and then your
seeds. I added a little water to mixture before
I put the seeds in. Cover the seeds with a
little more of the mixture and water again.

I used duct tape to seal the milk jug up. Just waiting for
the seeds to sprout.

Photos of my sad daylily bed. I am in process
of starting to clean up all my beds - daunting task - I think
I have about 12 flower beds, most are 3 times this size.
This one shouldn't be too hard, mostly St Augustine grass
in it.

The daylilies are peeking through as well as the iris.
I will add some superphosphate after I
get all the grass and weeds out.

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