June 10, 2019

Polymerous Daylily and Cherry Tree

                    I thought this daylily looked a bit odd. It has 4 petals and 4 sepals.
             It usually has 3 of each. I'm not sure why this happens. It's called Polymerous.
         This plant has had several blooms this season and this is the only flower so far like this.

Decatur Apricot Daylily ( A polymerous) 
This is how it usually looks.
My son-in-law & daughter purchased 2 cherry trees for me as
a Christmas gift in 2012 - a Bing and a Stella. One died and one survived. It's
been a very slow grower as this is the first year
for blossoms. Beautiful blossoms and I did get
a few great tasting cherries!! Hopefully it will have more 
next year. I guess this is the Stella - self pollinating.

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