May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

I just added a few photos of whats going on in the garden. Some things I didn't take photos of because they are not quite photogenic yet. All the tomato plants have baby tomatoes growing on them, leeks are still growing along with our purple onions and the corn has silk on it, so I guess we will have some ears of corn. All the daylilies are putting up buds -- so it won't be long before I will have beautiful daylilies.
This is a new area of the yard that I am digging up to plant shrubs and flowers later on.  The purple thing is a canna that my father-in-law gave to me.

Another new iris called Feature Attraction. I ordered it last summer and this is the first time for it to bloom. I guess I ordered it because it is a late bloomer.

Another shot of Nantucket Hydrangea

I finally decided to put Miss Muffett caladium in the bed with the roses. The purple plant is a new Evolution (Mealy Cup Sage) Salvia. I just love these up next to pink roses.

I know this doesn't look like much but this is the Clematis that I had planted in the front yard earlier this spring. It was not thriving, so I moved it in with the roses also. So we will see if these little guys like this spot better. The purple onions are growing next to them.

Another shot of Miss Muffett and to the right is Abraham Darby English rose. It is starting to take off. Everything in the garden has had a slow start because the weather has been either hot or cold.

Another shot of Evolution Salvia along with Lambs ear and nasturtiums

White Caladiums that I couldn't figure out what to do with in the garden, so for now I put them in a pot along with Southern Wood Fern and a yellow/green coleus. (You can't see the fern or coleus yet, it's small and behind the caladiums)

Well here you can see the tip of the fern and my garden cat

Well I know this doesn't have anything to do with gardening, but I am proud my daughter wants to learn to quilt, so I am helping her make a TeePee quilt, one in which I have no pattern for, so I drew a picture on paper and colored it with crayon and then bought the fabric and made a pattern. 

Here are fabric pieces that are actually starting to be pieced together.


  1. I'll bet Miss Muffett is going to be very happy amid the roses. And I'm impressed with your daughter's beginning project! (Those fabrics look as if they're related to gardening.)

  2. It all looks great! Quilt will be pretty too.


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