April 24, 2011

Purple Fountain Grass

Don't forget that you can double click on the photos to make them larger. I planted  "Fireworks Purple Fountain Grass" (Pennisetum setaceum rubrum) in the yellow pots. This is a variegated variety, which I have never tried before. Also planted "Purple Fountain Grass" (Pennisetum setaceum atropurpurea) in the bronze pots behind the green chairs. I love these ornamental grasses in the summer time. Purple get large and billowy if you have a breeze.  The blooms on the Fireworks are fuchsia and grow to 24-30 inches tall with a spread of 24 inches. The regular Purple has purple seed heads and grows 2 to 3 feet tall. I'm putting plants behind the chairs because the front patio feels so stark and I like the feel of being surrounded by plants.  I also planted two of the Purple Fountain grass on each side of the single Double Red Knockout rose that I have in back. I'll post a photo later when they are established.

In this photo are Purple Fountain grass and in the flower
bed Crimson Pygmy Barberry and Purple


  1. Awesome, your place is looking great!

  2. Those chairs look so inviting. And the lawn! Oh, my goodness. I could go into rhapsodies over that beautifully lush lawn.


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