May 29, 2011

Paper Butterfly Daylily

Paper Butterfly Daylily. This gets to be around 24" tall with 6" blooms and is a rebloomer.  In my previous yard I had this planted with Southern Wood fern behind it and heuchera "Caramel" (coral bells) in front of it. Later in the season I will move this over by the shade garden and do the same with it as before.

This is Northfield Daylily. It is 36" tall with 5" blooms and also a rebloomer. Warrior Prince is in the background.

Purple fountain grass along side of Red Knockout

Southern Wood fern along with caladium and Electric Lime coleus

Evolution Salvia with lambs ear

Red Volunteer daylily. Again my camera doesn't capture the beauty of this red. I think it is my favorite of the red daylilies. It gets around 30" tall with 7" blooms.

1 comment:

  1. The throat of the Paper Butterfly Daylily is stunning.


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