May 25, 2011

Warrior Prince Daylily

Warrior Prince for me, has lots of scrapes loaded with flower buds and 
reblooms at least once. It gets to be about 24 inches tall with
 5 inch blooms. See below photos for more shots of
 Warrior Prince. Don't forget you can double click
 on the photo for a larger view.

A squirrel that comes everyday to the bird feeder and "pigs"
 out on the birdseed. I give it bread but  he
 or she still wants ALL the birdseed.

My first bell pepper. I will be picking this very soon.

Black Krim tomato. Can't wait to eat them.

Purple onion peeking out of the ground. I will harvest this soon.


  1. When the squirrel isn't over at your place, I think it's over here. We have one "squirrel proof" feeder and it works really well. For the others, it's open season. The only thing it doesn't care for is safflower seeds because they're slightly bitter. I didn't know that squirrels have taste buds but, unlike birds, they do. Squirrels have taste! ;)

  2. What makes the feeder squirrel proof? I put bits of bread in the feeder. He/she eats it first then goes on to the sunflower mixture. I don't know if it has safflower seeds.

  3. yes good luck with the squirrel :-) we've never been able to keep them out of the feeders, now I have a feeder for the squirrels w/ corn in it. The daylilys are beautiful! I want one :-)

  4. great photos there and I had the same problem with a few squirrels but after getting a good squirrel proof feeder they had no chance.

  5. Thanks - I will definitely look into a squirrel proof feeder.


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