May 04, 2011

Miss Muffett Caladium

I love caladiums. This Miss Muffett caladium is still in the pot.
I am trying to find the right spot for it. It got  some hail damage
 in our storm, but it will survive. I sometimes move things around
in the garden and view for several days before I decide
 on permanent location (and sometimes permanent isn't always so)

Miss Muffett Caladium with Nantucket Hydrangea in the background  

Another shot in the shade garden

Miss Muffett Caladium

Nantucket Hydrangea

Cherry Blossom Song iris with a little hail damage

Our stalk of corn 


  1. I love your new picture. I love all your flowers, I need to to come landscape for me too :-)

  2. Miss Muffett is a showstopper, pure and simple.

  3. You just can't go wrong with caladiums. Modern plant breeding is wonderful.


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