April 15, 2012

Elainealope Iris

This is Elainealope iris. I moved it to this spot
last summer. The top flower, before it opened, had
a large worm chewing away at it. I promptly removed
it before it could devour all it. The rose behind it
is William Shakespeare 2000, a David Austin rose.
My sister requested that I put a few iris foliage
tips on my blog. Here goes:
1. Keep your iris bed free of weeds or debris.
2. After the iris has bloomed, cut the bloom stalk
off close to the ground and discard.
3. Healthy leaves should be left alone but the
old, dying or diseased leaves should be cut off
and discarded.
4. In the fall or early winter trim up your iris leaves by
trimming the healthy leaves to about 6" and remove
dead or dying leaves. Your trimmed iris should
look like a fan.


  1. Let me just say I appreciate your sister's request. May I ask, how often should they be divided?

  2. Your iris looks gorgeous with that rose! Great tips, too!

  3. Darla - I added a few more tips - hope you can use them.
    HolleyGarden - Thanks!


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